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Article 23 guarantees admission to a francophone school to the children belonging to one of the three following categories of Canadian citizens:

  • A parent whose first language learned and still understood is that of the francophone minority;
  • A parent who received primary level instruction in French in Canada; and,
  • The siblings of a child who received instruction at the primary or secondary levels in French in Canada.



One of the elements of governance is to grant admission to individuals from outside of the three categories guaranteeing admission as per Article 23, which is called the “restorative element” of Article 23. Therefore, individuals belonging to the following categories may request permission for admission to the School Board for their children:

Francophone ancestry category

  • Canadian parents must be able to prove that they have a Canadian Francophone ancestor.
  • The goal is to recover the Francophone generations who have been lost and assimilated since 1867, thus recognizing the “restorative element” of Article 23.

Anglophone category

  • Anglophone parents who choose to integrate the Francophone community may request admission for their children.

*please refer to politique 17 & directive administrative 301

Immigration category

  • Non-Canadian parents who reside in the province/territory and who speak French, or speak neither English nor French but choose to integrate the Francophone community, may also request admission for their children.
  • The object is to integrate non-Canadian citizens to the Francophone community, thereby ensuring the vitality of the community and its multicultural diversity within the linguistic duality.